Lync 2010 - Display AD User Numbers

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The expressions and their replacements will allow Lync 2010 to normalize user telephone numbers in AD that are in the format: +CC (0) NNNNNNNNN and display this in the client contact details. This should be used to create the Company_Phone_number_normalization_rules.txt file which you place int ABFiles folder. To modify the format to include more digits contained within brackets, simply replace the 0 with the expected digits / number of expected digits. e.g. to process a number in the format +1 (555) 123456, simply change the expression to \+(\d+)?(^[0-9]555[^0-9])(\d(\d+))$. Alternatively, any number in the format +1(xxx)123456 will be handled with: \+(\d+)?(^[0-9]\d{3}[^0-9])(\d(\d+))$. Good luck! Stan.
Stanley Crooks
8/14/2012 5:48:45 AM

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Stanley Crooks said on 8/14/2012 9:57:54 AM
Sorry, I modified the expression AFTER posting and it now handles ANY telephone numbers formatted: +CC(x)NNNNNN. So there's no need to modify the expressions, just save and away you go.

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