Regex Hero Standard
web only
web + desktop
Instant highlighting
Instant highlighting actually runs the regular expression after every keypress to show you the matches and provide immediate feedback.
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Match, replace, and split modes
The most common use cases for regular expressions. Match will just show you matches. Replace will allow you to replace the matches with text of your choice. And split will actually replace the matches with line feeds.
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Generate .NET code
Get sample C# or VB.NET code with properly escaped strings for the regular expression you're working with.
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Save your regular expressions online
Save your regular expression, replacement string, target string, and regex options into the Regex Hero database and access it again from any computer.
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No more ads
I'm not going to show ads at all after you buy Regex Hero.
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Makes it easy to test your regex performance and even revert back to the fastest regular expression.
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Code completion
Works a lot like Intellisense to seamlessly provide suggestions as you type.
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Regex analyzer
Step through a regular expression by reading an explanation in English.
Regex performance recommendations
Regex Hero will suggest performance tweaks for your regular expression and allow you to apply the recommendations by double clicking them.
Desktop version
Regex Hero for Desktop works just like the web version but it can run offline.
Save your regular expressions locally
Rather than saving your regular expression to the "cloud" you can save it to your computer and open it later.
web only
web + desktop
By purchasing Regex Hero you agree to our end user license agreement.

Windows & Mac Compatible

If you're buying Regex Hero Professional, you get both the web and desktop versions. And both versions run on Silverlight and work on both Windows & Mac.

Free Updates Forever

I've never liked paying for software updates, so I won't make you pay for them either.

Licenses are for Users

I like to make things easy. So this means that as a licensed user you're able to use Regex Hero from as many computers as you like. Your license is simply tied to your user account. And discounts are given for teams of 5 or more.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase simply email with your receipt and I'll get your money back right away.

"Over the last few months, I've found that I'd developed a new reflex action: typing in my browser whenever I was confronted with a RegEx problem! Now that I'm my own boss (I went freelance 3 months ago, setting up Seaturtle Software Ltd), I'm free to spend company money how I like, and what better way than supporting fellow software developers! Thanks for a great tool."
- Samuel Jack
"I've come to depend on Regex Hero for one problem I work on almost constantly lately. I doubt it would have been possible for me to come as far as I have without your excellent little regex tester."
- controlgeek (GetSatisfaction)
"Nice Silverlight-based Regular Expression workbench."
- Scott Hanselman (Twitter)
"Nice utility for testing (.NET) Regular Expressions in the browser via Silverlight."
- Scott Watermasysk (Twitter)
"Thank you for creating Regex Hero, it helped me a lot when testing RegExPlus for .NET compatibility."
- Matthew Brennan
"I really like what you have done with Regex Hero. Simple, elegant, takes big expressions, etc., and above all - .NET."
- Ed Cox
"Regex Hero is friggin awesome. That had to be the fastest I've ever developed and tested a more complex regex expression."
- Jaben Cargman (Twitter)
"Silverlight wasn't made for stupid videos, it was made for exactly this:"
- David Coallier (Twitter)

Get Regex Hero Professional for Free

  • If you are a do-gooder of any sort (non-profit or charity), email me with a short blurb and I'll send you a license free of charge.